the forgotten post

[Blogger’s note: I wrote this as I was getting ready to leave Ethiopia and basically forgot about it and never posted it. So here we are, almost three months post-COS. Enjoy.]

So we’re coming to the end of LethiopiaH. In honor of everyone who read this ever, I’ve compiled a list of the all-time best search terms used to find my blog. It’s a weird, kind of gross list. I’m not sure how these all led to the blog, but they got you (or someone else) here.

Best search terms for LethiopiaH (my comments in [brackets])

  • djibouti jokes [Also searched: jabooty jokes]
  • chicken slaughter [and countless variations about women killing chickens]
  • I want to enter the peace corps but I hate bugs [Also good: what are the best peace corps jobs for people who hate bugs]
  • rats with rabies, on graph
  • killer airplane pictures [Is the airplane killer as in it crashes, or are the pictures killer as in really good?]
  • pictures of broken nose
  • calvin peeing on packers
  • clown ties
  • song billong [as in Alexandre Dmitri…]
  • shinting girl [there were a disturbing amount of variations on this topic, and I don’t know why]
  • blue tears in the rain [still my favorite]
  • little boy pee in bed [again, why?]
  • bitter sting of tears [can you guess what that’s from?]
  • 4 girls shinting and vomiting [see?]
  • my boob site [ha]
  • that’s what she said michael scott shirt
  • education in rural Ethiopia boobs [did I use the word “boobs” in a post or something?]
  • peace corps volunteer cravings
  • he always invites me at his home [does he now?]
  • a plant sucking the blood from an insect [is this even possible?]
  • pee on bus blog
  • now we know just how sharks follow their nose to dinner [I’m lost]
  • why are you thrown backwards when bus starts  [I hope someone got a good physics lesson out of this somewhere]
  • kuriftu massge gril to boy [Sic. Also, I wonder what they meant by this…]
  • sneak attack boob grab [great band name]
  • lying on bed on back with head extending backwards over edge of bed
  • ain’t no party like a scranton party cause a scranton party don’t stop shirt
  • picture of a relaxed feet woman at home [is this a weird fetish of some sort?]
  • make money off a peace corps blog [I wish]
  • tapeworm in nose [does that happen?!]
  • do they have pads for periods in Ethiopia [yes, yes they do]
  • peace corps volunteers do nothing [perfect]

Also, here’s a special shout-out to the folks who got shout-outs in the search terms:

  • Marla (marla fabishak; fabishak)
  • The Good Doctor (dr.jean demarco, peace corps; jean demarco; jean demarco phd)
  • fellow (R)PCV Jessica (jessica mayle africa “peace corps”)

How did you find LethiopiaH?


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