the fro-yo-yo-bmo revolution

I’ve been back in the US for almost a month. Everyone’s told me throughout my service that nothing’s changed, and I’ll admit that it seems pretty much the same. I haven’t yet been overwhelmed by the vastness of it all. Haven’t broken down in a grocery store. Drove a car. Like riding a bike. Lots of cheese has been eaten. Yes, I’ve gained a few pounds.

There are small, subtle changes in the Land of Plenty, though, like the amount of frozen yogurt places that have popped up everywhere. Haven’t we done this before? And the yoga studios. I know yoga’s been a thing for a while, but I think the abundance of studios is new in the last two years? Yet people are still gigantic here. Huh. Also, it seems like you can’t drive two blocks without seeing a BMO Harris bank. Not a fan of that.

I’ve noticed a few other trends as well. What’s this obsession with Greek yogurt all of the sudden? Hasn’t it been around for, like, thousands of years? Why is it so special all of the sudden? And there are the wine and painting places. Why is this a thing? How is combining paint and alcohol a good idea?

But, yeah, America’s pretty much the same. Thank goodness?

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1 Response to the fro-yo-yo-bmo revolution

  1. Dawn Schaefer says:

    So glad that you continue to write. You’ve turned into a briliant one. I look forward to reading more about your re-entry into the land of plenty.

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