welcome to lethiopiah – a compound tour

One of the things about PC living that people are most curious about is housing. Housing certainly varies widely from country to country, and even within posts the accommodations can be vastly different from PCV to PCV. I’m lucky enough to live in a city and to have a nice sized space. While I have a bathroom in theory, in practice I still have to get all my water from the tap in the compound yard and take my showers at the PC office. It’s no big deal. I like my house. In Ethiopia, some volunteers have one small room to live in for two years, while others have the main house on a compound, which includes multiple bedrooms and a functioning bathroom. It’s really luck of the draw (and depends on who is paying the rent, how much rent is in your town, etc.).

To give you a better picture of how I’ve lived the past couple years, I’ve put together a short video compound tour similar to the one I made of my host family’s house. I hope you enjoy it.


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1 Response to welcome to lethiopiah – a compound tour

  1. Gleason says:

    I can assure you that Makayla is not asshole-y. You’ll love her. Cutest/funniest toddler ever

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